Just a little summary of some thoughts that seem interesting at the time

Journal 2021-09-26

Books, pen, pencil, paintings, guitar, piano, tea, coffee, flowers, trees, animals, peace, love. Random Thoughts: Acting is imagination.

Journal 2021-09-25

I really should be doing ALBOD on camera. So far though, better something than nothing. Random Thoughts: An over-focus on moving parts blurs the emergent meaning. Cruelty, callousness, delusion, suffering. Love, kindness, truth, joy.

Journal 2021-09-24

Parliament has a hilarious Gallery of the Grotesque, where British politicians have their oil painting portraits commissioned by grateful public funds. They look so masterfully earnest. Much advised if you fancy a laugh. Random Thoughts: I tend to pick and choose between “American” English and ‘British’ English, defaulting to the familiar unless the American version … Continue reading Journal 2021-09-24

Journal 2021-09-18

I’m sitting here under an old oak true, on a bright September afternoon, with my phone at the ready, having told myself to record literally anything that pops into my head. Well the first thought that jumps to the top of the queue isn’t particularly interesting, but here goes… It is quite an old joke … Continue reading Journal 2021-09-18

Journal 2021-09-14

Had an entertaining dream last night about Robert De Nero, Al Pacino and Michael Douglas as The Three Stooges, in a hospital drama, with the running catchphrase: “quick, look like normal people!”. Woke up laughing.

Journal 2021-09-12

I’ve only had the phrase “do you know who I am” said to me once – I couldn’t resist saying “nope” and didn’t work there much longer. Another time, some “head of” something or other in a bank went red with frustration, muttering indignantly about “no respect”. And I still remember the look of stunned … Continue reading Journal 2021-09-12

Journal 2021-09-05

I would gladly undertake all computer activities on my phone wherever I happen to be, if functionality were comparable. Wearing special sunglasses that project personal holographic images of keyboards and screen displays would be fine, but I would not fancy wearing anything that plonks on my head and prevents my vision beyond its pixels.

Journal 2021-08-28

Wandering around, passing people engrossed in a myriad of stories and situations, one line leapt out: “If we get rid of Bruno that actually frees up money for the London office”. What they were drinking would have probably cost Bruno’s wages for a week. They were smiling in satisfaction with the idea, not talking with … Continue reading Journal 2021-08-28

Journal 2021-08-01

It is possible to define much that is essential to humanity’s flourishing with an inverse reading of this passage from Orwell’s 1984: “There will be no loyalty, except loyalty towards the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother. There will be no laughter, except the laugh of triumph over a … Continue reading Journal 2021-08-01

Journal 2021-07-10

Confirmation bias afflicts even the most objective thinkers. I am generally sceptical that people, especially in our current febrile state, have the wise nuanced answers to the big questions of society, philosophy and the human condition. I think we are usually wrong, despite the confidence and self-certainty of the protagonists, wrapped-up in self-constructed “isms” and … Continue reading Journal 2021-07-10

Journal 2021-03-21

Activities in no particular order: actor, singer, songwriter, artist, writer, financial software developer.

Journal 2021-02-28

I remember as a young kid once being reprimanded by a stranger in a shop because I said that I didn’t like some latest fad with clothes (bizarrely at the time there was a short-lived fashion of wearing patches of cartoon pictures on denim). The explanation given was that it is popular, so I am … Continue reading Journal 2021-02-28

Journal 2021-02-13

I haven’t been able to do much aerobic exercise this week because of the snow and the Covid-shut gyms. One thing I have noticed is that I can suddenly lift much more because of the inactivity. It just goes to show why ultra-strong athletes have to sacrifice aerobic fitness in order to optimise their strength … Continue reading Journal 2021-02-13

Journal 2021-02-12

Imagine if each of your waking thoughts were logged and at the end of the day you read them back. It would be line after line of the same thoughts pointlessly repeated. Imagine if this were a person hanging around saying this monologue to you. Would you be wanting more or trying to get some … Continue reading Journal 2021-02-12

Journal 2021-02-10

It seems that in the not too distant future a person can have a digital avatar that is convincingly human. So in effect people can design or choose how they want to look online; or at least greatly augment their appearance. People could look like anything and any age, in real-time video, using widespread technology!

Journal 2021-02-09

I am currently surrounded by ice crystals floating down through silence into soft glowing snow. The only sound is the pulse of my breathing.

Journal 2021-02-07

Where would I live if I could live anywhere? I am British, I owe my freedoms and opportunities in life to this country and I would never give-up British citizenship; however, if I could live anywhere in the world, would I choose here? I think, yes, but only for the summer months. London is a … Continue reading Journal 2021-02-07

Journal 2021-02-06

Reading 2 to 3 hours every day for a year is probably enough to skim through the complete works of Shakespeare; and this will still probably miss 90% of the meaning and richness of the text.

Journal 2021-01-24

The “us” and “them” mentality is the biggest obstacle to overcome. There is only we.

Journal 2021-01-23

A successful society unlocks all people’s potential for kindness, fulfilment and happiness.

Journal 2021-01-17

Job: employed at a financial markets brokerage firm. Side-project: writing an algorithmic trading terminal. This may sound like a huge project but I have actually already written all the back-end code – it’s just a case of placing a GUI on top. I will gradually iterate to a stand-alone FinTech App for people to optimise … Continue reading Journal 2021-01-17

Journal 2021-01-02

I describe creative activities by five broad categories: music, performance art, visual art, writing, ideas. Examples: At present my paid activities can often be included in ideas. I would include any type of personal presentation as the acting form of performance art.

Journal 2020-12-31

Upload speeds: Handwriting = 40 words per minute (wpm) Touch-typing = 70 wpm Speaking = 150 wpm Download speeds: Listening = 150 wpm Reading = 200 wpm Thoughts: 1,000 to 5,000 wpm

Journal 2020-12-30

2017 – Coming soon…… 2018 – Coming soon…. 2019 – Coming soon.. 2020 – Coming soon 2021 – ?

Journal 2020-12-29

The art of any performance is truthfully interacting with the situation that is arising. If all the world is a stage, then not knowing the future – or the fact that you are acting – helps create a great performance.

Journal 2020-12-07

Driving in London last night, I witnessed three separate angry outbursts in the space of five minutes by people on the roads. I always notice that the “crazy level” goes up a few notches when driving inside the M25, but that condensed series of events was the worst I’ve seen.

Journal 2020-12-05

Live a day like it is a life in entirety. First thought on waking is gratitude for the new day you will see. Last thought is gratitude for the day you have lived.

Journal 2020-11-29

A background script to run Triggered on recognition event() Action.Pause Script exit Notice….. Kindness.

Journal 2020-11-27

Any person is much more than even a diverse array of influences. So I’m really not into social twittery on twit-twat and faceblobber; my summary identity is a tortoise in hare’s clothing etc etc Twitter Twiddle Twaddle blah blah rhubarb. I am not a number, I am a blancmange, or something…

Journal 2020-11-26

Mistakes are lessons, only when the reasons are noticed; otherwise they are habits practiced each day.

Journal 2020-11-20

Never ever put yourself down.  Reasons: Some people will revel in doing it for you. For their sake as much as yours, don’t make the conditions easy for them. Don’t diminish life; whoever you are, you are amazing and unique. Faux modesty is dishonesty. Don’t insult other people’s good opinions. Be strong for others.   Some … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-20

Journal 2020-11-19

A little target I’ve set myself is to make it to 100. Yes I know, quality is more important than quantity, and yes many of the factors are out of my control. I don’t take it too seriously but I like having something to aim towards. The best way to be in good health is … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-19

Journal 2020-11-15

Noticing the aliveness of the body feels pleasurable and there is palpable relief if any tension is found and released. Mindfulness can be as simple as noticing the breathing.

Journal 2020-11-14

I’ve been writing a thought a day here for the previous few days. I will flip now to an actual pen and paper because the closeness to the handwritten words feels more personal to me.

Journal 2020-11-13

If you are truly happy, it is impossible to be petty, self-absorbed or unkind. Happiness lives in a much better place.

Journal 2020-11-12

Cats and dogs are similar, only in that they both like living with you. Cats are beautiful, elegant, magical; it feels like you are honoured if they grace you with their attention. Dogs love you – all they want is to run and play, sniff things, eat food, and most importantly: your affection.

Journal 2020-11-11

I form tears when I’m moved in any meaningful way – so if I produce them in a performance, I’m not pretending, I’m genuinely feeling what I’m doing.

Journal 2020-11-10

I add to a file any interesting little phrases that occur to me, removing them later on if used in a song or other writing; for example, I just added: “A lived life transcends its genre.” In retrospect similar phrases may grate on the ear with cheesiness, but if I like the sentiment at the … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-10

Journal 2020-11-09

If you choose to share in the happiness of others, rather than compulsively dwelling in negatives, then you have happiness for free.

Journal 2020-11-08

I seem to get satisfaction out of pushing myself physically – maybe because in my mind I am subscribing to the motto “no pain, no gain”. A variation on the theme is that anything initially perceived as negative can be viewed as part of a greater improvement process.

Journal 2020-11-07

Writing a screenplay for a romance story… it’s a bit sexy! I might develop it into a novel later, if I can make the time.

Journal 2020-11-06

Tip: Whenever you are talking about someone, assume they can hear every word. Hopefully this will remind you to be kinder.

Journal 2020-11-05

I wouldn’t call London a beautiful city, but it is endlessly fascinating. The maze of streets emerged not by grand design but grew from what had been before. It is eccentric, hickety-pickety, throbbing with history and humanity.

Journal 2020-11-04

Muddled, confused, unaware – what on earth were you doing? Why were you sleep-walking for so long?

Journal 2020-11-03

In the distant pre-internet days when I was a kid, I designed a board game then forgot all about it. The game actually looks pretty fun; it has a blend of strategy, risk and probability – like many good games. So I think I’ll have a few physical sets made-up, thanks to the internet and … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-03

Journal 2020-11-02

Just 15 years ago or so, it wasn’t particularly easy to share photos and updates with friends and family; there were fewer easily accessible outlets for self-expression and it was more difficult to find interesting information or media. The downsides are well-known, although if fully acknowledged there would be more energy in finding effective solutions. … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-02


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