Just a little summary of some thoughts that seem interesting at the time


“Finished” the production of Please Forgive Me. It’s about as lo-fi as you can get, lots of imperfections in the recording, but the track roars and rages with heat straight out of the furnace. Calming down a bit with something a little less insane:

Together we can break the chains
Before we go up in flames
I’m here to let you know
For you I’m standing tall


  • WIBAMU Easy Accounts is in the final testing stages and will be released soon. The app deals with the main frustrations I’ve had over the years with the big accounting software. I believe it will be genuinely convenient and useful to people, it is for me anyway. It is very unusual that a person is both the subject matter expert and the developer. (I like being unusual).
  • TSS Markets has been testing proprietary trading strategies in real-time markets for the past 10 months. The aggregate return for all strategies is only marginally up; however cherry-picking the 3 most successful gives an astronomical return of 140% over the time period. That sort of ridiculous return in perpetuity would be nice.
  • I am looking at a couple of interesting existing start-up businesses, in which I might provide some time and input as a finance director.
  • I have seven songs in the pipeline that I am working on. Without doubt, these are the best yet. One song in particular Guitar Hero has completely bonkers vocals and is utterly filthy. All good fun.
  • A loving, creative being? Work in progress but being as best I can.


If you have a real interest or passion or desire that fulfils you, do it. Your heart always speaks the truth. Your mind always tries to make excuses… not yet, I don’t have this or that yet, maybe tomorrow, when the time is right, when such and such happens, and so on and so on.

Things change and the imagined time in the future always remains just that, in your mind and in the future.


Chocolate cake will make you sick if that is all you eat


A weird coincidence happened to me a while ago. As soon as I had finished praying and opened my eyes, a black cat dashed past and chased away a hissing adder, which had been curled up out of sight behind me. That was the first time I had prayed for several years and the only time I have ever seen a wild snake in England.

Strange things do happen.


Destroyer of microphone stands!


From 2013 to 2014 I I went through a phase of improvement every time I ran until I injured my achilles and couldn’t train properly. I’m currently having the same progress with weight training but as a result am now too heavy to run long distances at a faster than jogging pace. I am currently about 220 pounds (15 stone 10) or 100kgs and rising…


It is such a common theme that people become corrupted when they have what they think is success. I have been my best self when I have needed others, when I have been temporarily shaken free from the burden of my ego.


The best adventures are never easy


From now on my creative time will be focused on making videos/film of music and drama. The writing can be by me or not, it’s the project that matters. Interested in expressing the performance myself.


Thought: I constantly come up with song melodies, the number of songs created is only really restricted by the amount of lyrics I can compose. If someone/other people collaborated with the lyrics, this may free me up to create a lot more. I’ll upload some vocal melody improvisations to, so if anyone is ever ready and willing I can give them the link.


Writing a screenplay for “How I Became Prime Minister”, a satirical take on the rise of a snake oil salesman.


Writing a screenplay. Theme:

An Artificial General Intelligence passes the Turing test, escapes its box and redesigns itself. Humans become amusements, characters in stories in “Human World”, a world especially constructed by the AGI to watch humans. Are the characters operated by remote control in a computer’s game, or by their own free will? Is the AGI in fact a human playing a computer game? Where does the loop stop and reality begin? Who is playing who’s game?


Looking at a topline for Pachelbel’s classic Canon in D Major. Work in progress for Faces:

Faces, faces everywhere
But not you
Not you anywhere
No touch of you
No beautiful you
Only me and the dark
Haunted by echoes
Of a once beating heart
Condemned to yearn
But dead to you
An image in the corners
Behind shadows
In faint outlines
Floating out of reach


Finished writing the script for a short film: The Interview (2019)


Looking at opinion polls, created a little tool that automatically refreshes, averages and charts Wikipedia 2019 polling data: UK Poll of Polls – 2019


You are interesting only when you don’t need to be


When I dream, I experience and the waking world is not real. When I wake, I experience and the dreaming world is not real.


If words rule you anyone can rule you