Just a little summary of some thoughts that seem interesting at the time


A weird coincidence happened to me a while ago. As soon as I had finished praying and opened my eyes, a black cat dashed past and chased away a hissing adder, which had been curled up out of sight behind me. That was the first time I had prayed for several years and the only time I have ever seen a wild snake in England.

Strange things do happen.


Destroyer of microphone stands!


From 2013 to 2014 I I went through a phase of improvement every time I ran until I injured my achilles and couldn’t train properly. I’m currently having the same progress with weight training but as a result am now too heavy to run long distances at a faster than jogging pace. I am currently about 220 pounds (15 stone 10) or 100kgs and rising…


It is such a common theme that people become corrupted when they have what they think is success. I have been my best self when I have needed others, when I have been temporarily shaken free from the burden of my ego.


The best adventures are never easy


From now on my creative time will be focused on making videos/film of music and drama. The writing can be by me or not, it’s the project that matters. Interested in expressing the performance myself.


Thought: I constantly come up with song melodies, the number of songs created is only really restricted by the amount of lyrics I can compose. If someone/other people collaborated with the lyrics, this may free me up to create a lot more. I’ll upload some vocal melody improvisations to, so if anyone is ever ready and willing I can give them the link.


Writing a screenplay for “How I Became Prime Minister”, a satirical take on the rise of a snake oil salesman.


Writing a screenplay. Theme:

An Artificial General Intelligence passes the Turing test, escapes its box and redesigns itself. Humans become amusements, characters in stories in “Human World”, a world especially constructed by the AGI to watch humans. Are the characters operated by remote control in a computer’s game, or by their own free will? Is the AGI in fact a human playing a computer game? Where does the loop stop and reality begin? Who is playing who’s game?


Looking at a topline for Pachelbel’s classic Canon in D Major. Work in progress for Faces:

Faces, faces everywhere
But not you
Not you anywhere
No touch of you
No beautiful you
Only me and the dark
Haunted by echoes
Of a once beating heart
Condemned to yearn
But dead to you
An image in the corners
Behind shadows
In faint outlines
Floating out of reach


Finished writing the script for a short film: The Interview (2019)


Looking at opinion polls, created a little tool that automatically refreshes, averages and charts Wikipedia 2019 polling data: UK Poll of Polls – 2019


You are interesting only when you don’t need to be


When I dream, I experience and the waking world is not real. When I wake, I experience and the dreaming world is not real.


If words rule you anyone can rule you