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Journal 2021-01-17

Job: employed at a Financial Markets Brokerage firm. Side-project: writing an Algorithmic Trading Terminal. This may sound like a huge project but I have actually already written all the back-end code; it’s just a case of placing a GUI on top. I will gradually iterate to a stand-alone FinTech App for people to optimise and … Continue reading Journal 2021-01-17

Journal 2021-01-02

I describe creative activities by five broad categories: music, performance art, visual art, writing, ideas. Examples: At present my paid activities can often be included in ideas. I would include any type of personal presentation as the acting form of performance art.

Journal 2020-12-31

Upload speeds: Handwriting = 40 words per minute (wpm) Touch-typing = 70 wpm Speaking = 150 wpm Download speeds: Listening = 150 wpm Reading = 200 wpm Thoughts: 1,000 to 5,000 wpm

Journal 2020-12-30

2017 – Coming soon…… 2018 – Coming soon…. 2019 – Coming soon.. 2020 – Coming soon 2021 – ?

Journal 2020-12-29

The art of any performance is truthfully interacting with the situation that is arising. If all the world is a stage, then not knowing the future or the fact you are acting, helps create a great performance.

Journal 2020-12-07

Driving in London last night, I witnessed three separate angry outbursts in the space of five minutes by people on the roads. I always notice that the crazy level goes up a few notches when driving inside the M25, but that condensed series of events was the worst I’ve seen.

Journal 2020-12-05

Live a day like it is a life in entirety. First thought on waking is gratitude for the new day you will see. Last thought is gratitude for the day you have lived.

Journal 2020-11-29

A background script to run Triggered on recognition event() Action.Pause Script exit Notice….. Kindness.

Journal 2020-11-27

Any person is much more than even a diverse array of influences. So I’m really not into social twittery on twit-twat and faceblobber; my summary identity is a tortoise in hare’s clothing etc etc Twitter Twiddle Twaddle blah blah rhubarb. I am not a number, I am a blancmange, or something…

Journal 2020-11-26

Mistakes are lessons, only when the reasons are noticed; otherwise they are habits practiced each day.

Journal 2020-11-21

In the world of work, a meeting without creating an output of value is a drain on energy and time. Incessant thinking is the perpetual meeting in the head; if it is just going over and over the same issues without providing constructive insight, then it is pointless at best, destructive at worst. Outside this … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-21

Journal 2020-11-20

Never ever put yourself down.  Reasons: Some people will revel in doing it for you. For their sake as much as yours, don’t make the conditions easy for them. Don’t diminish life; whoever you are, you are amazing and unique. Faux modesty is dishonesty. Don’t insult other people’s good opinions. Be strong for others.   Some … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-20

Journal 2020-11-19

A little target I’ve set myself is to make it to 100. Yes I know, quality is more important than quantity, and yes many of the factors are out of my control. I don’t take it too seriously but I like having something to aim towards. The best way to be in good health is … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-19

Journal 2020-11-15

Noticing the aliveness of the body feels pleasurable and there is palpable relief if any tension is found and released. Mindfulness can be as simple as noticing the breathing.

Journal 2020-11-14

I’ve been writing a thought a day here for the previous few days. I will flip now to an actual pen and paper because the closeness to the handwritten words feels more personal to me.

Journal 2020-11-13

If you are truly happy, it is impossible to be petty, self-absorbed or unkind. Happiness lives in a much better place.

Journal 2020-11-12

Cats and dogs are similar, only in that they both like living with you. Cats are beautiful, elegant, magical; it feels like you are honoured if they grace you with their attention. Dogs love you; all they want is to run and play, sniff things, eat food, and mostly importantly: your affection.

Journal 2020-11-11

I form tears when I’m moved in any meaningful way; so if I produce them in a performance, I’m not pretending, I’m genuinely feeling what I’m doing.

Journal 2020-11-10

I add to a file any interesting little phrases that occur to me, removing them later on if used in a song or other writing. For example, I just added: “A lived life transcends its genre.” In retrospect similar phrases may grate on the ear with cheesiness but if I like the sentiment at the … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-10

Journal 2020-11-09

If you choose to share in the happiness of others, rather than compulsively dwelling in negatives, then you have happiness for free.

Journal 2020-11-08

I seem to get satisfaction out of pushing myself physically – maybe because in my mind I am subscribing to the saying “no pain, no gain”. A variation on the theme is that anything initially perceived as negative could be viewed as part of a greater improvement process.

Journal 2020-11-07

Writing a screenplay for a romance story. It’s a bit sexy. I might develop it into a novel later, if I make the time.

Journal 2020-11-06

Tip: Whenever you are talking about someone, assume they can hear every word. Hopefully this will remind you to be kinder.

Journal 2020-11-05

I wouldn’t call London a beautiful city, but it is endlessly fascinating. The maze of streets emerged not by grand design but grew from what had been before. It is eccentric, hickety-pickety, throbbing with history and humanity.

Journal 2020-11-04

Muddled, confused, unaware – what on earth were you doing? Why were you sleep-walking for so long?

Journal 2020-11-03

In the distant pre-internet days when I was a kid, I designed a board game then forgot all about it. The game actually looks pretty fun; it has a blend of strategy, risk and probability – like many good games. So I think I’ll have a few physical sets made-up, thanks to the internet and … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-03

Journal 2020-11-02

Just 15 years ago or so, it wasn’t particularly easy to share photos and updates with friends and family; there were fewer easily accessible outlets for self-expression and it was more difficult to find interesting information or media. The downsides are well-known, although if fully acknowledged there would have been more energy to find effective … Continue reading Journal 2020-11-02

Journal 2020-10-31

I yo-yo between the Southwark part of the Thames and the Colchester countryside. Many of my artsy pictures are what I see during my wanderings:

Journal 2020-10-30

Interesting to read that the Chief Economist of the Bank of England thinks creativity will be impaired if people do not work in an office. My prediction would be that creativity has more chance away from the noise and haste; based on the familiar theme that original thinkers, artists and religious figures often had some … Continue reading Journal 2020-10-30

Journal 2020-10-29

All human beings are unique. Uniqueness doesn’t have a category. Categories confine a life to a label stamped on the head. Categories are boxed, ordered and under control. Categories deny humanity.

Journal 2020-10-28

Demanding how other people think is a type of violent control, asserting oneself over them; seeing the multifaceted world, with endless possibilities, through just one dimension.

Journal 2020-10-27

The whole song can be better heard by listening, rather than spreading noise. The problem is the insistence on certainty, and building an identity around this, with everyone thinking they are always right. No matter how certain you think you are, even if momentarily touched with lucid insight, you are probably not completely right (yes, … Continue reading Journal 2020-10-27

Journal 2020-10-25

My school up to age of 11 was unusual because I remember doing a lot of arts and crafts, singing, drama and creative writing. This type of education has probably disappeared now under the weight of standard curricula, exams and league tables. I only really developed a passion for learning again when I had the … Continue reading Journal 2020-10-25

Journal 2020-10-18

Dubbing for home languages is really not a good idea. The vocal is half of the performance – take that away and splice in another person’s voice literally mutes and disconnects the actor.

Journal 2020-10-10

A question seems obvious when you have seen the answer. A skill seems easy when you have practiced its mastery. Only the time has changed.

Journal 2020-10-04

Recorded Sonnet 129 in one take. I didn’t plan how to do it, I just absorbed the words and wanted to see what happened. The result is interesting, like nothing I have heard before. The character speaking is not one you should let seduce you.

Journal 2020-10-03

If I had the choice now to pick how many years to live I think I would choose 10,000 years, although maybe when getting to the limit I might want another quota. I wouldn’t tick the box for a human eternity, as transience feels fundamental to the nature of life.

Journal 2020-09-27

My IOS Apple health app is showing it has stored 238.66 terabytes of my data! Wow, didn’t know I did that many steps.

Journal 2020-09-18

Watching performers, I appreciate quality but I don’t get particularly excited by even exquisite technical excellence. Looks attract, certainly, but interest is quickly lost if there is nothing real going on beyond the performance. I detach emotionally when there is anything conceited or contrived. What holds me is real lived human experience, with all its … Continue reading Journal 2020-09-18

Journal 2020-09-10

I really don’t like listening to or watching any recent performance of mine, even if I am generally pleased with how it turned out. This is weird because I don’t mind after a while, when there is some distance and I have forgotten about the process involved. I suppose the time delay helps me listen/watch … Continue reading Journal 2020-09-10

Journal 2020-09-01

Listened on YouTube to various attempts at turning Shakespeare’s sonnets into songs. I don’t think these straight translations work very well. However Shakespeare is so clever that if you read the lines of his sonnets out of sequence as rhyming couplets (e.g. line 1 then 3 then 2 then 4 etc.) the sonnet usually still … Continue reading Journal 2020-09-01

Journal 2020-08-31

A lot of what I know is the product of age and curiosity, and although broad is often just familiarity with the basics. But I do also feel something expanding within me lately and I’m not sure of the cause, like energy from a switch that has been flicked on.

Journal 2020-08-15

Random thought, slipping into British mode… Despite its reputation, England can be a nice place for the weather. We have about six months when it can be very pleasant to be here, say from about mid-April to mid-October. The dark, cold and damp months of December to February take some extra effort to appreciate. I … Continue reading Journal 2020-08-15


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